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100 Best Things to Do in New York 20/20

There is so much to do in New York State. New York City of course offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure, but the state also has mountains, lakes, and strong ties to history to explore. Here is the ultimate guide to the 100 best things to do in New York.


96. Ambition Coffee Bar (Schenectady)

Ambition Coffee Bar is a cool little downtown eatery that offers coffee, breakfast, desserts, sandwiches, and soups, just to name a few. There’s rumors of a ghost in the space and celebrities often stop by when they’re in the area so make sure you stop in for at least some coffee when you’re close by.


97. Amenia Farmers Market (Amenia)

This is a year round market with a long list of vendors serving everything from vegan indian food to homemade dog food to donuts to wines. Times and days vary with the seasons, so plan your shopping trip accordingly.


98. Chelsea Market (New York City)

The Chelsea Market has more than 35 vendors, this is one of the biggest indoor food spaces you will ever find. You can find mostly anything here – bread, sushi, wine, meats, tacos, and cheeses just to name a few. You could spend hours here seeing all that the have to offer.


99. Bagels (New York City, Various)

Like pizza, bagels are a major food staple and iconic of new York City. It’s impossible to choose where the best bagel is, but find one that you like for breakfast or brunch.


100. Miss Master’s Closet (New York City)

An upscale vintage resale shop in Brooklyn, this shop also lists items on Ebay. Born from a long time love of vintage clothes, if you like looking for hidden gems, this is the place to go. Spend at least an hour looking through the vast collection.



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