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Local news

Cupping workshop incl free cup

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

Charla gratis: Auto-konosementu

Un charla di 1 ora ku referensia práktiko  di bida ku ta trese pas i trankilidat den e ser humano.
Desaroyá kapasidat dor di kòrda, rekonosé, re-amplika konosementu eksistente pa krea un realidat un mas konsiente i un tiko mihó.

Auto knowledge


Sprin.G.er ta Strate-G su Online Shopping Delivery Services. Super praktiko i kumbiniente pa esnan ku ta gusta hasi online shopping. Klientenan ta aplika pa bira miembro yenando nos formulario. Nan ta hanja un adres na Merka kaminda nan por laga deliver tur nan online shopping. E kos ku ta hasi Sprin.G.er super atraktivo ta ku nos ta deliver te na porta di kas sin gastu adisional. Semanalmente, paketenan ta yega via transporte maritimo. Sin emargo, bo mester bo pakete ku urgensia, nos por regla transporte aereo tambe. Puntra pe. 

Kasita Louisa

Kasita Louisa Christmas Collection 2022 – Beautiful HANDMADE SOAPS in the forms of kunuku houses (with fence NAf 55), cactus (NAf 5) and Christmas Tree (NAf 17.50) they all smell just like Fresh Christmas Trees, yes for real!

Tutti's About You Cur Gifts & More

Regalo di Pasku pa un Ser Kerí y/of Dekorashon pa bo kas exclusivo na un preis tog rasonabel, kontakta Tutti's About You Cur Gifts and More.

Dennis Rafael Outor/eskritor

Mi a lanta ta tende kuenta for di mucha chikí. Siendo un hóben i na skol mi tabata sa entretené otronan ku mi kuentanan. Despues di mi di 26 aña mi a kuminsá duna lèsnan di bida na un i tur. Esakinan a hiba mi na ilustrá mi instrukshonnan ku kuenta i relatonan. No a dura masha ku mi tabatin splikashon pa hopi kos den bida.


Aurora Fitness is a local brand that supports you in a more sustainable and active lifestyle. We have an online shop and pop-up shop operating from Curaçao.


To know you is to love you

Let’s talk about you, the local producer, artist, entrepreneur.
Your work is valuable to the local economy.
You are self-employed; you create and help our guilder stay in our economy.
So how do you do it? Where do we find you and what are you selling?
Our 'I Am Made In' platform invites you to be part of our publicity.

2021 Eco-challenge award winner

Team 55 from Curaçao recently won an Eco-Challenge Award after participating in the second 90-day International Climate Action Challenge, ICAC2021, which featured 75 teams from 28 countries.

The team was formed by Tamira La Cruz of MarkStra Caribbean and Sharella Riedel of Made in Curaçao. Its unique feature was that it focused on climate action by businesses rather than individuals, and extensive collaborations, which are part of the team members' ongoing efforts.

Vision Curaçao 2030, Reset COVID-19

curacao 2030

In the last months of 2019, the world was surprised by the pandemic COVID-19. This led to a complex crisis, not only in the healthcare area but in all areas. Corona (another name for the virus) exposes all errors in our system. Experts agree that we will not return to what it was like before the crisis, but that we have to change everything.