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3D print Splash screens - Made in Curacao

Drone Racing Curacao and Curacao Tech Meetups launched a local initiative to 3D print Splash screens which we will donate to health care workers in Curacao. This idea is inspired by the Czech Prusa Research which have made a step by step guide and all 3D files available for download.

Drone Racing Curacao i Curacao Tech Meetups a lansa un inisiativa local pa 3D print Splash screens ku lo wòrdu duna na trahadónan den sektor di salubridat di Korsou. E idea a wòrdu inspirá dor di Czech Prusa Research ku a publiká un manual ku tur stap i pone esaki disponibel pa download.

We, in collaboration with partners, are ready to run our 3D Printers round the clock to produce Face Shields for donation to our local Health Care Workers during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

The first prototypes are ready and have been submitted to the G&Gz (Geneeskundige & Gezondheidszaken) for the quality control stage of the project. Once approved they will be field tested by front-line health workers and the design adjusted if needed.

Nos, den kolaborashon ku nos partners, ta kla pa laga nos 3D Printers traha 24 ora pa dia pa produsí ‘Face Shields’ pa hasi donashon na nos trahadónan den salubridat ku ta trahando durante e pandemia Covid-19.

E promé prototipo ta kla i a wòrdu presentá na G&Gz pa kontrol di kalidat. Ora ku e protekshon wòrdu aprobá e lo wòrdu di tèst dor di trahadónan di sektor di salubridat pa wak si e diseño mester wòrdu agusta.

We have received many positive feedback from organizations willing to join forces and supply materials and manpower such as Mensing’s, Green Phenix & BA3d, Makeit3d, University of Curacao and JCI IOBA Curacao.

Nos a risibí basta reakshon positivo di organisashonnan ku ta pa djòin nos i proveé material i personal manera Mensing’s, Green Phoenix, BA3d, Makeit3d, UoC, i JCI IOBA Curacao.

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