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About us



My name is Sharella Riedel and this is my company I Am Made In (I AM I).


‘I Am Made in’ is a platform for local product, services and talents. The platforms goal is to help promote: #buy local. We want everybody to know the local producers, where to find their products and shop local.
It does not matter if you are at home or visiting. Check out the local producers and enjoy the many handmade products, local production and inventions. Also enjoy the local food, music, theatre, art and dance.
Browse through our site. We believe there is something here for everyone.


The I Am Made In team is proud of each producer’s achievement. 
Do not forget to visit the blog page. We have a lot of information there.
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Happy browsing and shopping!





I am made in Curacao is a platform to bring people, product, economy, information and more together per country, department, state, or region where they are made.

Sometimes we know what is happening on the other side of the world but we do not know what there is in our direct neighborhood.
Through I am made in Curacao you can find vegetables growing in your region; a small supplier for home made product, an artist or knowledge on your corner.

Suppliers can inform you where their product is sold so you know how and who else is sustaining your economy.

By supplying, buying and supporting closer to home you will help your market, your employment and you get to know where your product is coming from.

We aim to have weekly interviews with our associates on the site, so the public will get to know the producer.

For people visiting the region it will be a one stop site to find and experience the local goods and services.

For the people on the site we advertise collectively so marketing costs will lower substantially. On the site they will be able to have exposure through their category, front page ad or interview.
In the region we will have advertisements (which can be in local magazines, on billboards, at the airport, on the radio and more)

Together we will help each other make it easier, better and bigger.




The mission of I Am Made In is; to make local specialties more well-known.

We provide a platform where curiosity is raised and new products can be discover new things can be experienced.

The platform exists in many countries which improves export and knowledge exchange.
With one home platform we facilitate visibility.
Curiosity and intent will open new doors.

By providing more sales potential we will reach the goal to raise the producer’s pride and independence.

With bigger sales we make the day (every day over again) for this local producer, his/her family, community and local economy.

When basic needs are met, health and happiness improve.
With health and happiness, a well balanced new generation is raised.