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Webshop members (Sellers) information page


  • With a Shop membership, you are able to have a shop with online selling.
  • You can upload your own products.
  • All customer payments will be received on our IAmMadeIn.com bank account, after which we distribute it to our members.
  • The costs are the yearly membership fee, 3% of the sales through the shop and a small fee per per bank transfer to cover those costs. 

Login and links

When your 'Shop membership' request is approved, you will receive a confirmation of the shop that has been created for you, a login link and the link to the page of your shop.

Setting up your Busines Listing

  • If you did not already have set up your listing, then do this first. See the Business Listing info page.
  • All memberships include a business listing that makes you part of a large international business directory of producers and sellers of local products. This network is rapidly growing and will play an important role in the local and international business relations you develop.
  • Your business listing will be visible in the menu item 'Directory' in every country site of IamMadeIn.com

Setting up your Shop

  • See the instruction video at the bottom of this page.
  • Your shop consists of two pages: The Shop Products Page and the Shop Window. The Shop Window tab appears by itself when you fill in the body text field in the shop page.
  • Header section: The pages have the same shop header section: a background image with your logo and small picture of the Seller(s)
  • Products: The shop product list contains only products that you create in your shop. Other members are unable to add products to your shop.
  • Seller: this field you can leave empty untill you created a seller (see 'Creating your seller profile' below). After you created a seller profile you can select it in this Seller field.
  • Support video: [will be available soon]

Creating your Shop Window

  • The 'Body' field in your Shop page will display as the Shop Window. You can insert text and images, or even HTML. There is a setting when you edit the shop, that allows to display the Shop as a Window instead of a Webbshop. If you select 'Window' then the products will be hidden from your shop, and only the Body field will be visible.
  • Inspire! The site visitors see the Shop Window as a separate page, with the same header image as your Shop Products Page.  The purpose of the Shop Window is to be a inspiring presentation of your business, products and sevices.
  • Design: This page is fully customizable and you can insert text, images and video's.
  • Support Package (optional): We can create an attractive and inspiring Shop Window for you, with the layout and design that fits your business. 

Creating your Seller Profile

  • To create a seller profile, go to iammadein.com/node/add/seller
  • Who is the Seller Profile: Each Shop member can create one or more Seller Profiles, which are the public represenatives of the shop. In general that will be either you yourself. If you are not the producer but you do work together with a local producer, you can choose to add him/her as Seller Profile, or you can create one for yourself and one for him/her. Seller pictures are visible at the top right corner of the Shop page. All Seller Profiles are listed in the menu item 'Sellers', which automatically is filtered according to the country site that is displayed. The Global section of IamMadeIn.com also shows a Sellers menu item, which lists all sellers of all countries.
  • About yourself: The Seller Profile page consists of a picture and a personal introduction about yourself, how you became what you are and do today and what vision motivates your products and services.
  • Privacy protection: in general it is okay to be open about yourself, it wil stimulate the trust and relationships that you build with your customers. We are currently gedesigning the Profile page in such a way that you can select what information is visible to the internet publically, and what information is only visible to registered members of IAmMadein.com. For your own security we advise you not to publicize your private address, unless you are accustomed to receiving customers at your work at home.
  • Support video: [will be available soon]

Creating products

  • How to: In the menu click on 'Add' > Product Display. This will open de product display form, where you can insert the required information and the Product Variations. It will take some time to fully understand how to do this, because there are a lot of configuration options. Be  sure to watch the support videos mentioned below.
  • A Product Display another name for the product page. We use the term Display because sometimes it is shown in a list and not a page.
  • Product Variations are as the name says, variations of the same kind of product. For example, you sell a design mens shirt of size small, medium and large. If the sizes have different prices, you need to add them as separate Product Variations, in the same Product Display. The Product Variations automatically keep track of their own stock, as long as you type in the correct stock amount when you create the product displays.
  • Support package (optional): Creating products might be quite a challenge for some people, and it also takes time. For that reason we offer Product Creation support packages: we do the work for you.
  • Support videos: How to add a product  and The relation between product display and products




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