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The Ultimate Guide to Snorkeling 12/12

What Are Some Activities I Can Take Up After Mastering Snorkeling?

While snorkeling is a great recreational activity in itself, there are several ways of taking your underwater experience a step further. Getting comfortable with snorkeling is a great way of getting used to the idea of being and breathing below the surface, and trying out new activities may now feel less intimidating.

Once you are able to snorkel comfortably, you may want to try free diving. This doesn’t necessarily imply going down to extreme depths, but can even involve holding your breath to swim a few meters below the surface and observing marine life up close. By keeping your snorkel in your mouth while diving, the experience of being underwater remains uninterrupted even as you return near the surface to breathe in. However, this does increase the risk of inhaling water, so do not try it uninstructed.

Scuba diving is another underwater activity that may seem more accessible after you have spent some time snorkeling.

If you are into snorkeling and athletics in a more intensive way, you can find information on various water sports that are played around the world.

Underwater photography is something else you can try easily if you are comfortable snorkeling. There is plenty of information and inspiration available to help you get started!

If photography underwater seems a bit fiddly for your liking, you may prefer to film your experience instead. Keeping the video rolling can allow you to remain focused on the marine life rather than watching it through a lens. You can always edit the footage later if required.

Remember that while some high-end cameras and GoPros can produce excellent results, you don’t necessarily need to buy one to photograph or film while snorkeling. Check out this video for tips on how to film underwater with your phone:

Like many other activities, there are various levels at which you can get involved with snorkeling and the underwater world. Interesting equipment and complementary activities may add to the excitement, but snorkeling in its simplest forms can be just as magical. Find what works for you, and enjoy the experience!

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