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To know you is to love you

Let’s talk about you, the local producer, artist, entrepreneur.
Your work is valuable to the local economy.
You are self-employed; you create and help our guilder stay in our economy.
So how do you do it? Where do we find you and what are you selling?
Our 'I Am Made In' platform invites you to be part of our publicity.

https://iammadein.com/global/blog In our blog we will put 3 lime lights on your business.
First spot will be on your most important item; your product. What it is and how to use it.
Tell us more…tell us more.
Secondly as sales are important we love to know how and where to buy your product.
Who is your ideal consumer?
Thirdly who are you, why and how are you making your product.


As where your product can be bought should not be a secret, we offer you to be listed in our directory.
Our directory mentions your:
- Company name
- Website
- Email
- Telephone number
- Linkedin
- Whats app 
- Facebook
You can include a small story about your business. https://iammadein.com/global/directory


In recreation, we absorb the a lot of information therefore; we publish our digital magazine to increase your exposure.
As such, we have fun while sharing information on local production to our viewers, followers, readers and fans.
Leafing through our digital magazine format, we share an economic and luxurious way of experiencing the magazine. We publication includes blog, ads, comic, recipe and a lot more.

On average, we scroll over 2 hours on Social Media daily. Made in Curaçao does her best to be one of the feeds that the local public sees. With our Whatsapp group, Instagram, website, Facebook, twitter and Linkedin account we reach over 10.000 persons monthly. With more interesting information to share, we are sure to keep on growing.

A short interview video is also in your future. Check our youtube page. We would love to publish  you too.

We invite you to grow with us.

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