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The 100 best things to do in Germany  17/33

Here are the 100 best things to do in Germany that will show you the charm, beauty and cultural diversity of this country.

Germany is rich with surprises and contrasts just waiting to be discovered by the discerning tourist. A country of enchanting little villages nestling between lofty and imposing mountains, fairytale castles and churches and lush vineyards rolling down towards the banks of the Rhine or the Mosel, Germany also boasts of the more rumbustious Munich Beer Festival and the Cologne Carnival, a very fine choice of gateaux, sausages and beer and a powerful and somewhat spooky folkloric tradition.

49. Heidepark (Soltau)

For one exciting attraction after the next and endless fun for the whole family, the theme park

“Heidepark” near Soltau in the Lüneburg heath would be hard to beat. 850,000 square metres house every kind of ride and activity imaginable. From loop-the-loop roller coasters to merry-go-rounds and water-slides, from Transylvania to the Pirate Bay, fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

For those who don’t manage to see everything in one day, there is the Adventure Hotel for overnight stays, in which children under 11 are entitled to free bed and breakfast. The Park is closed from November until the middle of March. By train, Soltau is easily accessible from Hanover, Hamburg or Bremen. A bus goes directly to the Heidepark from Soltau railway station.


50. Museum Quarter St. Annen (Lübeck)

The St. Annen Art Museum, erected on the site of the former ruined St. Annen cloister and incorporating some of its walls and arches, is a fascinating synthesis of modern and ancient architecture and a perfect setting for the modern art exhibitions which are its specialty. The St. Annen Museum is one of the most beautiful in Germany and its exhibits encompass Lübeck’s history in the Middle Ages, from the 14th to the middle of the 17th century. Nine further museums are available in Lübeck within walking distance of one another!

Lübeck is approximately 80 km northwest of Hamburg and can be reached by train from Hamburg airport in under an hour.


51. Sanssouci Palace (Potsdam)

Sanssouci Palace was commissioned to be built by Frederick the Great in 1745, making it the oldest of the Berlin and Potsdam palaces and under UNESCO World Heritage Protection since 1990. Its name “Sans souci” is French and means “with no cares”, indicating that the palace was built for recreational purposes. With its rococo architecture and extensive gardens dotted with follies, it is easy to imagine that the King sought refuge from the burdens of his office here. Together with the other imperial palaces of Potsdam and Berlin, Sanssouci Palace attracts over 2 million visitors a year.

Luisenplatz or Charlottenhof are the closest tram and bus stops from Berlin railway station. They depart every twenty minutes.

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