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The 100 best things to do in Germany  11/33

Here are the 100 best things to do in Germany that will show you the charm, beauty and cultural diversity of this country.

Germany is rich with surprises and contrasts just waiting to be discovered by the discerning tourist. A country of enchanting little villages nestling between lofty and imposing mountains, fairytale castles and churches and lush vineyards rolling down towards the banks of the Rhine or the Mosel, Germany also boasts of the more rumbustious Munich Beer Festival and the Cologne Carnival, a very fine choice of gateaux, sausages and beer and a powerful and somewhat spooky folkloric tradition.

31. Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes

On the perimeter of Thuringia’s slate mountains lies the town of Saalfeld on the river Saale. From around 1530 onwards, alum was extensively mined in the area, giving rise to the wonderful fairy grottoes now included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most colorful cave grottoes in the world and drawing an average of 160,000 visitors yearly.

Guided tours include the history of the mediaeval alum mines and their geological composition, as well as fairy tales and legends associated with the caves. Saalfeld lies 1,5 hours south of Leipzig by car or train.


32. Berlin Television Tower

At 368 m tall, Berlin`s television tower – located close to the city’s bustling Alexanderplatz – is the highest structure in Germany and the second highest in the EU. Originally built between 1965 and 1969 as a symbol of Berlin, it now houses a visitors platform and a rotating restaurant at just over 200m, which offer a panoramic view of up to 42 km, depending on visibility.

The Television Tower is located around 28 minutes on foot from Brandenburg gate, or 7 minutes by taxi. It is only 7 minutes on foot from Berlin’s main railway station and is thus very central and impossible to miss! Owing to its immense popularity with visitors, long waiting times for entry may occur.

33. Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park, 42 km southeast of Dresden, comprises 93 km of the most breathtaking natural beauty in Europe. Located in the Elbe sandstone mountains, it offers over 400 hiking routes through the lushest scenery imaginable, over 700 peaks for rock climbers and a wealth of apartments, camping sites or hotels for those who prefer just to relax and enjoy the view!

The most popular attraction of the region is the Bastei Bridge, which was built in 1851 of the same sandstone as the surrounding mountains, thus blending beautifully with them. 76,5 m long and 193 m above the winding banks of the Elbe, the bridge affords the most unique and spellbinding views. Best route is by train from Dresden to Lohmen (around 1 hour). From Lohmen, free shuttle-buses run directly to the National Park.

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