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RV Road Trip - 100 Things to do in France 20/20

The country of France is literally filled with medieval cities, alpine villages, and glorious beaches. Vineyards and wines make it world famous, as do the many classical museums and monuments. Ancient caves with prehistoric drawings, theatres and palaces, art galleries and eclectic villages – there is something for everyone in this amazing country!


96. Musée des Arts Forains

This is a museum where you are invited to ride the rides. Some of them are centuries old carousels, dating back to 1850. The ‘newest’ ones are from 1950.
The museum is a private collection of Jean-Paul Favand, who was an antique dealer and an actor. You can also see the wooden carousels and German swings, and a carousel of bicycles which works by pedaling.
This is only open by reservation or by joining one of the seasonal tours, so be sure to check online for these events.


97. Paris Point Zero

This landmark is in the recognised centre of Paris. The location marks the exact middle of the city, and there is an octagonal brass plate set into the concrete to show the place.
There are many customs which are carried out at this site, ranging from kissing a loved one while straddling the marker, or placing a coin in the concave marker. You may feel free to do whatever you feel is acceptable.
It is not very well marked so keep your eyes open for it. It doesn’t take long to see it, although it is a lovely setting for a drink afterwards.


98. I Love You Wall

This wall covers 416 square feet and was created by two artists for lovers to meet. It is a lasting monument to love and devotion. The wall is made up of 612 lava tiles, showing the words ‘I love you’ in 192 languages.
Spend a morning learning a new way to tell your partner that you love them!


99. The Room of Endangered and Extinct Species

Here you will find a collection of many species which have disappeared. There are over 250 exhibits, giving you a glimpse at things that you may never have seen before.

One interesting item – although not an animal – is the gold clock which was made for Marie-Antoinette. This was confiscated during the French Revolution. It still chimes every day.
Allow a day to see the full collection.


100. Musee de la Magie

This museum is filled with optical illusions, fun mirrors, and wind-up toys. The collection is from the 19th and 20th centuries.
A dark side to the museum is the 16th century cellar which was once the home of the Marquis De Sade, a man with a voracious sexual appetite.
Every tour of the museum ends with a magical show, and it is quite appropriate for both adults and children.
Allow at least a half a day here.


There is no doubt at all, that France is a country which has something which appeals to everyone. Whether you like architecture or cultural attractions, vineyards or countryside, there are plenty of things for you to explore, and to learn about. Just deciding on what to so first – now that’s the question.



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