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Orgar Soft


Orgar Soft is an organic cream developed by ‘Golden Lady Distributors’ to soften hands & feet.

Golden Lady Distributors

is owned by Thelma Simmons. Other products of Golden Lady Distributors are: Glowing(Ayo Peluka – Ayo wave) hair vitamin & Hallelujah deodorant.

Today they are presenting their next special product: Orgar Soft. Orgar Soft is made on Garlic basis and is especially made for people with callus problem.  Although is not only for relieving callus.


Quality is of importance for Thelma Simmons. On this matter she elaborates that creams are products we use on our skin, therefore it is of utmost importance to know that we are using a safe product on your biggest organ. As Orgar Soft is an organic product it can be use without restrictions.

We will go into why Orgar Soft is sold as a cream. Creams are high viscosity, meaning they’re a lot thicker than lotions. Creams usually come in jars, because they’re so thick it would be difficult to squeeze them out of bottles or pumps. They typically work well on dry skin because of their extra protection. This versus a lotion that will be in a more liquid form.

Orgar Soft will make callus on hand & foot and that dark spot on your heel disappear.

Although we all take good care of our body for ourselves it is nice to know when presenting yourself that you give a well presented handshake. 
In case of your foot, you do not have to be ashamed of taking your shoes of.
And imagine being with your partner; you do not want him/her to feel like he/she is being scrubbed instead of caressed.

Let us get back to the product; the aim of Orgar Soft is to aid to your skin to look and feel even. It is very useful for callus relieve and other skin imperfections and as a cream it is a good product for everybody. Orgar Soft is odorless and does not contain chemicals that are less helpful for your health. Orgar soft comes in a jar as denser product that needs little product for a good coverage.

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