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Cleanful, Hygenic Solutions - Sustainable Trade Expo

Sustainability Trade Expo presents products and services which maintain change in our use of resources and promotes harmony between, People, Planet and Profit. We will have exhibitor from Aruba, Bonaire, Colombia and Curacao. They will show healthy, economic and technological merchandise.

And the movie corner will supply educational entertainment.

We present: Hygenics BV, we do business as Cleanful, Hygenic Solutions.
We provide green cleaning solutions.
We represent a line of next generation 100% Green portion controlled Grade A Cleaning products produced by PURA.

Our products are made from all natural ingredients, it doesn’t contain any hazardous cleaning chemicals. Our compostable packaging is a giant step towards reducing single use plastics. Our products are user friendly, take up almost no storage, very affordable and gets the job done. The fact that its portion controlled also has a positive impact on your financial bottomline.

At this point we carry about 15 products.

  • For the Sanitary areas, we carry cleaners & descalers
  • For the interior, we offer Interior cleaners, Carpet Cleaners,  Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaners
  • For the floors, we offer Floor Cleaners & Basic Industrial Cleaners
  • For Kitchens, Degreasers in various PH values, Sanitizers, Sink Sanitizers and commercial dishwash & rinse.
  • And for specific jobs, we carry the Heavy Industrial and Rust & Lime cleaners.

The product we offer actually helps other companies become more sustainable, which reduces our ecological footprint.

For as long as we can remember, we heard about companies that want to become more sustainable, but there was a lack of readily affordable and available solutions. We now have this available on island, next to these companies being able to raise their sustainability levels, they will make a large contribution to reducing waste and contamination. In the end it is good for Curacao.

Actually our products are for everyone. Our packaging is geared towards the corporate market. Once a month you can find us at the Fresh Market, where we sell to the retail market.



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