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Kònkòmber Chikí (West Indian Gherkin) in Hungary

We, the people of Curaçao, are a collection of nations because of our history. Anno 2021, we are interviewing two local people of Curaçao (YDK) living in Hungary: Irving & Carl. They have adapted nicely to the Hungarian way of life.

These guys have been living in Hungary for years now. They do understand and speak Hungarian. It is so great to see and hear them communicating in this language.
Interestingly Irving informed us that Hungarian has some words with the same pronunciation and meaning as Papiamentu. (More about that in our upcoming Vlog.)

More fascinating is how Irving arranged to eat his favorite meals in Hungary. The first option was buying some goodies that are found in Holland and take these to Hungary.
However, the buyers became the producers. Irving experimented with planting our local seed of Kònkòmber chikí, in Hungary, and after 1 failed try-out, he hit the jackpot.
Not only did a few seeds sprout, but most did and grew wild as per Irving's design. Up to the end of July 2021, Irving & Carl have harvested over 400 kg of Kònkòmber chikí.

Having more Kònkòmber chikí than they can eat, they have shipped Kònkòmber chikí (West Indian Gherkin) to The Netherlands and Slovenia. (Yes, we have YDK living in Slovenia too!)

Neither Irving nor Carl are primarily farmers (but both did grow up on farms), but they do love to farm (& eat!).

With the action of creating the food they want to eat, Irving and Carl have spread our local produce to the far corners of Europe.
Is Curaçao conquering the world?

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