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Vision Curaçao 2030, Reset COVID-19

curacao 2030

In the last months of 2019, the world was surprised by the pandemic COVID-19. This led to a complex crisis, not only in the healthcare area but in all areas. Corona (another name for the virus) exposes all errors in our system. Experts agree that we will not return to what it was like before the crisis, but that we have to change everything.

In this context, a vision is needed for Curaçao. How does Curaçao proceed? What quality of life do we strive for, and how will we achieve it? Which new economic sectors are we going to develop? Is an ICT sector an option for the island? Is it the end of the refinery? Will New Curaçao, an initiative of Jandino, lead to innovative neighborhoods on Curaçao? Can Curaçao become a knowledge island with expertise for Caribbean Small Island States? How will entrepreneurship shape us?

All these questions and choices are made in the Curaçao 2030 vision. This vision was developed by a hundred people, and the group continues to grow. You too can participate.


The vision can be downloaded from the website www.Curaçao 2030.net. You can contribute to the vision by emailing your comments and joining the website.

The website is a think tank but also strives for implementation. There is a constant dialogue with parties about the application. We will continue to build bridges to parties that we do not yet have contact with. We are now in close contact with the ICT sector to restart the Knowledge Zone Curaçao (https://www.kzone-Curaçao .com).


So there is a vision for Curaçao, and you can make a difference by reading it, commenting, and getting started. In the document, we talk about the mindset. But we tell you: Be the new mindset and join.

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