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100 Best Things to do in Belgium 18/24

Despite being the capital of waffles and beer, Belgians are notoriously some of the fittest people in Europe. Belgium is constantly on the move and this list highlights some of the best places to be and things to see in the country. Several places on this list are a feast for the eyes more than the stomach, though there are a few highly-recommended food stops in there. Come find out why Belgium is teeming with adventure, history, and breathtaking views that attract international crowds from all over. Just remember to bring your walking shoes.

66 Maison Antoine (Etterbeek)

One of the best places to get fries is, by far, Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan. Maison Antoine serves up the classic packet of fries, in the cone of paper, with the tiny fork and mayonnaise. There are several choice places in Belgium for fries but Maison Antoine has been consistently favored by locals since 1948. The surrounding cafés and restaurants are also “Antoine friendly” meaning that you can bring your fries to their establishments without question. Expect to wait about 10 to 15 minutes in line for one packet of fries. However, as many Belgians will tell you, it’s worth the wait!


67 The Lion’s Mound (Waterloo)

History buffs will long remember the Battle of Waterloo. The Lion’s Mound was erected on the battlefield in 1820. Even today, the terrain closely resembles its condition during the war. To complement your visit to the Lion’s Mount, stop by the Duke of Wellington’s former headquarters, now called the Wellington Museum.


68 Universiteitsbibliotheek (Leuven)

This library belongs to one of the best universities in Belgium, the University of Leuven. This library was actually burnt to the ground in WWI, and then rebuilt thanks to American funding. Today the names of almost 400 American schools are carved into the library’s structure, in eternal memory of their gratitude. The structure of the building itself is quite impressive and it houses over 300 million works. Visitors can climb the bell tower which includes a small exhibit on the American influence on the Leuven library over the years.


69 Museum aan de Stroom (Antwerp)

The Museum aan de Stroom, a/k/a MAS, is Antwerp’s largest and most famous museum. The exhibits rotate regularly and usually attract repeat visitors throughout the year. It is seven floors of educational and fun activities that are even enjoyable for teenagers and young adults. If the weather is nice, patrons can visit the roof to see check out the view from the rooftop.


70 Hallerbos (Halle)

Hallerbos is also known as “The Blue Forest” because of the copious amount of blue bells that coat the forest floor. As visitors walk on the carpet of blue bells, they are surrounded by the tall Sequoia trees which seem to touch the clouds. Hiking maps are available online and on site but try to go in the springtime. In fact, April is the best time of the year to see the blue bells.



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