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100 Best Things to Do in New York 2/20

There is so much to do in New York State. New York City of course offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure, but the state also has mountains, lakes, and strong ties to history to explore. Here is the ultimate guide to the 100 best things to do in New York.

6. Grand Central Terminal (New York City)

A gorgeous landmark with a lot of shops and restaurants to offer, it’s easy to spend half a day in Grand Central Terminal. More if there is a special event going on. There’s also a long and interesting railroad history to learn about on your visit.


7. Coney Island (New York City)

Coney Island is much more than a beach. There’s also space for many outdoor activities, a boardwalk with amusement rides, an aquarium, an ice skating rink, and a minor league baseball stadium. You could spend an entire day here and you’ll probably still want to come back for more.


8. 9/11 Memorial/Museum (New York City)

The 9/11 Memorial serves as a beautiful tribute to those we lost on that fateful day and the museum offers an opportunity to learn about the events leading up to 9/11 as well as see the faces of the victims. Allot 2-3 hours to properly pay your respects.


9. Brooklyn Bridge (New York City)

Built in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension/cable-stayed bridges in the country. It crosses to East River to connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. It has an impressive pedestrian and bicycle path. It will take between 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to cross the bridge, depending on how long you stop to take in the view.


10. Cave of the Winds (Niagara Falls)

The closest to the falls you can get, Cave of the Winds is an attraction at Niagara Falls that
gets you so close, you have to wear ponchos and special shoes. The tours are seasonal, stopping for the winter season at the end of October. Make sure to make this a part of your Niagara Falls trip and dedicate about 2 hours of time.



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