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Membership introduction page

    1:  Learn about the memberships


    LevelMembership typePrice per year *Description1Listing MembershipFree!

    • If you produce/grow/manufacture local products, we will list your business details on the international section and local country section of our website. You can sign up for a 'Business Listing' for free while our website is in beta phase; it is at least one year free for new members. 



    US$  89.-

    • Includes all Listing Membership features, plus:
    • Your own 'shop window', which is your own business page where you can upload an introduction of you, your shop and what you produce/sell. This membership does not have a product checkout or online payment feature, but is still handy if you don't yet have your business up and running.

    3Shop Membership

    US$ 149.-

    + 3% of each sale.

    • Includes the Listing and Window Membership features, plus:
    • Your own shop page where visitors can order your products online.
    • You can upload and create your own products.
    • Your shop and products will be visible in the local country site and the Global site of IamMadeIn.com.

    Add-onPromotion PackageUS$ 149.-

    • This is a separate membership that can be added to any of the three memberships mentioned above. The benefits are:
    • Your business will be included in regular promotion campaigns and advertisements.
    • Your products will also get more visibility on our website.


    2: Choose if you want assistance


    Setting up your membership, creation of Business Listing, Shop, Shop Window, Products, etc, can take quite some time and might be a challenge for you. For that reason we offer startup packages that will this work out of your hands.

    Fast-track member startup support packages:

    Membership Startup Package: This will save you a lot of time. We setup your Business Listing, Shop, Shop Window, Seller Profile, Products). We do everything for USD 30.-  Read more about this package.

    Product Creation Package: Creating products can be a tedious task. You can leave it up to us, we create 5, 15 or 30 products for you based on the picures and info that you email us. Read more about this package.

    Shop Window Design Package: The Shop Window is an important page because it represents a summary of your shop and business. It needs to inspire people to buy, but also to build a customer or business relationship with you. Read more about this package

    Contact us to assist you with your Membership setup and shop startup, 


    3: If you want to Do It Yourself:


    Step A: Submit your membership request

    1. Click here to open the membership request page  and click the [ADD TO CART] botton under the membership that you want.
    2. Username & email address: On the page that follows, you can fill in a new unique username and your email address for your account. Note: if you already have a user account on the website, click the link at the top of that page 'Click here to log in if you already have an account'. Click on [Continue to checkout] at the bottom of the page.
    3. Checkout page:  fill in your billing information, which are your full name and contact details. You also need to go through this checkout process if you chose the free Listing membership.
    4. Review Order & Payment page. Check if your details are correct, and select the way you want to pay. Payment options are currently (november 2017) Bank transfer or Cash. (Other payment methods such as PayPal, creditcard, bitcoin etc.will follow soon). Write down our bank details. After clicking the submit button, your membership request is complete, no online payment is needed. 
    5. Bank transfer: You perform the bank transfer in your own way (using your own online banking program or at your local bank).
    6. Email with info: Your will receive a confirmation email with a one-time login link. This brings you to your account page where you can set your password. 

    Step B: When your membership is activated

    For Listing members:

    For Window members:

    • Go to the Business Window information page
    • Check your Business Listing, and your Business Window page which will be empy. You can upload your text and pictures in order to give the site visitors a good impression of you and your products. Detailed instructions will follow.

    For Shop members:

    • Go to the Shop members information page 
    • Check Business Listing, Create a Business Window and start creating your products in your online shop. Detailed instructions will follow.