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Showcase Design Package

Showcase Design package

The 'Shop membership' as well as the 'Showcase' membership include also the ability to create a single page that represents their business, products and sevices. This is the most important page with regard to your first impression and customer relations. When people have found your busines through your products or Business Listing, they will start to be interested in what kind of business you have, and who you are. This is where customer relationship building starts, as well as Busines to Business networking.

The Showcase is an important page because it represents a summary of your shop and business. It needs to inspire people to buy, but also to build a customer relationship with you.

What is included in this Showcase Design package?

  • A single page professional design
  • Integration of your business branding and style
  • Pictures  and/or video of you and your products
  • A professional looking description of you and your shop, highlighting you unique skills, products and services.


Package cost: USD 50.-

      What steps to take?

      1. You pay using your PayPal account, creditcard or bank transfer (details will be given)
      2. We send you an email with a list of information that we need.
      3. You reply to that email with the information and the pictures attached.
      4. We do the work within 24 hours, and will let you know if additional information is needed.


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      This service is offered by Webdesign.Group the creator of this website. These low prices are possible thanks to business partnership with IAmMadeIn.com

      Please contact Y. Barrera by email info@webhosting.group or by contacting IamMadeIn.com by phone or email.