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  1. escription:The 150 aña libertat are from the year 1883, we make the clay panels using the argobe technique. The argobe technique means that you use clay colors to make decorations on top of the clay. We have two series of panels, each one of the pieces is moderate and that makes it a collector's piece and each one is different. The 150 aña libertatis made of red or white clay panels. Above you can see the text of 150 aña libertat and the symbol of a treewhere one person carries another, youcan see working hands and their hearts, their love for the country, love for freedom and love for each other. Inside you can see the logo of the national museum of Curacao. Of course, when we sell one, part of the money goes to the national museum to keep up the good work. We have more argobe works but we are going to show you this now. At the time you are making a clay work, your clay work must be wet so that you can put another color of clay on top. In this case we use natural clay colors. We usedred clay (terracotta), black clay, and white clay. As we are painting, we are making different combinations with the clay colors. For example, wehave brown hands, black hands and white hands. You can choose the one you like the most. The number 1 is for us, we do not sell it but there are other numbers that we can sell you. When we are doing these works, we need several people to help us to tame the clay, open the clay and transport it. The clay must dry for 1 month before burning. Clay is a material that naturally lasts depends on the environment. The clay objects are the oldest archaeologists have found. For example,they found where the Indians buried. So, clay is a material that can hold up a lot. The150 aña libertatare clay panels with the 150 aña libertat emblem made by the national museum. If you buy one you can see the explanation of the emblem.There is the size of the clay and the size of the painting. They are of different sizes. The painting is brown, and thebackground of the painting is colored pita fabric, which gives it a calm and beautiful structure. Betekenis_Logo NAAM 150 jaar vrijheid.pdf

  2. The normal price was 225 but we are figuring out what can be done with the price, but as you know, part of the money goes to the national museum so that thehistory can continue to be documented.(info from National Archaeological-Anthropological Museum NAAM)TechniqueCuraçao Engobe PanelsEngobe is a technique used on clay.Artist: Sandra Lewis –NieuwEngobeis todecorate with colors of clay on objects of claywhile still wet.We create clay panels in various shapesand sizes.

  3. Various colours of clay are used to accent or bring out the designs on the panels. White, red, black and brown clayare used.Everything dries for four or more weeks before firingin a kiln.Our Curaçao Engobe Panelsare hand created with love & dedicationfor you to remember Curaçao as your destination



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