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  1. History of Kas di Kunuku:Of the traditional clay houses with thatched roofs (‘Kas di Pal’i Maishi’ or ‘Kas di Yerba’) that adorned the countryside in Curaçao only a few areleft.The method of construction of theserural houses dates tobefore the year 1700 and coincided with the coming of Africansto Curaçao.“When in olden days such a hut had to be erected, neighbors and good friends who knew about building were invited to give a helping hand.The necessary material was obtained in thewilderness. The posts, usually from ‘watakeli’, ‘wabi’ or ‘chanana’. The open space was filled horizontally with wickerwork from ‘watapana’, ‘lele’ or ‘watakeli’, complemented with stones and a mixture of clay and cow dung. The so-called skirt walls (‘muraya di saya’) spread out at the bottom.When the wickerwork was ready and the roof had been placed, the walls were plastered with a thick slush of clay, mixed with cow dung. After having dried in the sun for some days, they were whitewashed with a layer of lime with water and aloe.Museum ‘Kas di pal’i maishi’is a ‘living memory’ of the house of the African, who came as an enslaved person, and who stayed as a free man. Kas di Kunuku Kompa Fil & Ma Came is a living memory for generations of Krakel 49(info from National Archaeological-Anthropological Museum NAAM)

  2. Description of Kas di Kunuku Number:Ossandra Lewis –Nieuw, Director & Artist of Curacao Creations, designed this “Kas di Kunuku Number” to honor hard working people and their ancestors and everyone who loves Curacao, ourpeople,and our culture.The Kas di Kunuku house numberis made of clay. ACuracao map with on top of it aKas di Kunuku. On the roof we can put your house number.The “Kas di Kunuku Number” ismade,fired and glazedin our own shop.By glazing it on both sides makes it withstand sun, rain, windand snow. You can place it outside on your wall or your pilar or any place you wish.Order one now with or without your home number for a specialprice.Instead of a maximum of 2 months, yours will be ready in 2 weeksfrom our stock.You canalso come and paint yours in our shop.

  3. Also, we have different versions of Kas di Kunuku. We have it askey holders, magnets ........please cheque ourlaser products.




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