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<p>Our planet is such a diverse place which is waiting to be explored.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> The tourism marketing machine has many of us enjoying the same things and they are great things.<br /> Habitants View guides you to the less popular experience and depart a little from the marketing machine.<br /> We motivate you to visit, try, eat and experience Curacao the local way.<br /> <br /> There are 35 islands/ countries that promote the Caribbean Sea, weather etc. We all have the blue sea, sun and beaches.</p> <p>But we have a lot more to offer: Let us take you to the unique and original parts of Curacao.<br /> Visit local restaurants, spot, happy hours, activities, group, accommodation, location, parties and enjoy more Caribbean then at any other place.</p> <p>It is surprising to when you get to know how many benefits travelling local has.<br /> When local replace your generic, mass produced holiday with a more unique, personal experience and simultaneously support of the very area and community of the location you are visiting it inspires you to feel part of the community. You choose Curacao for a reason and we want to give you the most of our island.</p> <p>Whether it's an active holiday or a cultural one, we assist you with beaches, water sport, sun, culture and more to make the most out of your trip.<br /> By knowing the local and independent operators we instantly put you in contact with the experts of the area. These are the people who have spent their lives discovering the aspects of Curacaon that may not even feature in the guidebooks! So who better to help you get to the heart of a place and really find out how it ticks!?</p> <p>The positive impacts of our local travel can stem further than experiences it also has economic gains for yourself and the local community.</p> <p>To round up these are the benefits of local travel:<br /> 1. Save Money<br /> 2. Discover the Country<br /> 3. Stimulate the local economy<br /> 4. Make more friends<br /> 5. Improve brain’s neuroplasticity<br /> 6. Improve sleep<br /> 7. Decreases stress</p> <p>It will be our pleasure to assist you to experience the best of Curacao.</p>
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