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Mystic Workshop

Time for some mystic raise me up.

Like the moon, many things have influence on our daily life without us taking them into account.
The moon influences; agriculture, tide, light and more. During this workshop we will show you what else is creating your existence with you.

During the Mystic workshop we will tackle more little stuffs that influences your life without your perceptive. And may you want to do so, you can change.
Examples are: plants, smell, color, time, words etc.

By tweaking some things in your day-to-day actions, you can create new and conscious results that you want.

Are you open to create the energy that you want, the result that you want, this is the workshop for you.

We have 1st level virtual workshops and physical workshop in Curaçao.
The virtual workshops is 1 hour and the physical workshop is 2 hours.