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Curacao Trip Advice 1

Curacao as a destination is popular in Europe and South-America. Hopefully the rest of the world will discover our beautiful island soon. The island Curacao is genuine because of its colorful buildings, swinging music and of course our clear blue waters. Very popular is our Queen Emma Bridge which connects Punda and Otrobanda. It is of importance to be informed of your destination.
We have some tips for you:

Curacao culture and customs
In Curacao people are known for being friendly and it is normal to greet people with Bon dia (good morning), Bon tardi (good afternoon) and Bon nochi (good evening).  
When you receive something, it is normal to say Danki (Tha- Qui) which means Thank you.

On the island Curacao most residents speak four languages; Papiamento (local language), Dutch, Spanish and English. Papiamento is the Creole language and is a mixture of Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, English and French.

The currency of Curacao is the Antillean guilder (ANG). The Antillean Guilder is also called Florin, and is about 0.55 Dollar. The US Dollar is also accepted on the island. The ATM Machines are situated throughout the island and give local currency and US Dollar. Major credit cards are accepted in most tourist establishments.

Travel (airport)

Most visits to Curacao are trouble free, but theft and street crime are something you should be alert on.

Road travel
We drive on the right-hand side. The main road conditions are relatively good, but roads can become slippery when wet. In case the roads are wet, drive slowly,

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